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Roof Repairs Eastbourne

Roofing Services and Roof Repairs Throughout East Sussex

Do you have a leaky roof? Are you in need of roof repairs in Eastbourne? Haffenden Roofing is a family-run business, that specialises in the repairs and installation of roofs. We have installed new roofs and repaired them in the Eastbourne area for more than 50 years’.


Weather is the unfortunate part of the British climate, and poor weather conditions, storms and winds can dislodge or break the tiles of a roof. If the roof has suffered a breakage, this could lead to a roof leakage or roof collapse could occur. Whilst Haffenden Roofing cannot change the weather conditions we can assist with any roof repairs that need fixing.  


Haffenden Roofing has earned and maintained a fantastic reputation for the exceptional level of service we provide, and for the results we achieve. When you suffer a roof leak the situation should be resolved at the earliest possible opportunity, before the situation becomes worse.


We have a small team of professional roofing specialists, that possess the skills, experience and resources needed to undertake roof repairs in Eastbourne to the highest of standards. It doesn’t matter how big or small the roof repair may be, our team of roofers will provide the same level of service that we are renowned for.


Rather than having the roof repaired, it may be ideal for you to have a whole new roof installed. There are various factors that may influence this decision, with the main reason being the age of the current roof, and its wear and tear. We can undertake the installation of a new roof, where we will guide you through all stages of the process, from the initial survey to the installation of the new roof. You can find out more about our roof repair service, you can visit our Roof Repairs Eastbourne page.

Do you need your roof repaired? Contact Haffenden Roofing for roof repairs in Eastbourne, on 01424 892 257 or 07885 709 535. Otherwise you can send an email to with any queries you have, or you can input all relevant information into the mandatory fields of our Contact Form, and we’ll look to respond to the message as soon as possible.

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